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The economic success of businesses depends on many factors, the framework such as economic situation, demographic development, trends in consumer demands stand for chances as well as challenges.
The human being still remains the basis as economic factor. The working environment, working atmosphere, communication are only some of the elements which are decisive for motivation and productivity.
In that environment mediation means more than only focussing on conflict resolution, the way to success starts much earlier, when organisations are ready to anticipate the needs of all stakeholders.

 Business mediation
 Mediation begins in every-day co-operation
 Development of mediative guidelines as part of the

Advantages of mediation
 Clarify / resolve conflicts
 Considerate the whole economic environment
 Parties involved develop their solutions under the mediator's guidance
 Neurality of the mediator
 Cost effective methode
 Preserve relationships on company and interpersonal levels

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